"I've been doing beauty dance for several years and have already tried out various courses. The atmosphere in the studio with the other girls, the positive energy and warm nature of the trainers make the often stressful everyday life fly away. Currently, I regularly attend online classes, which I would not want to miss! Each lesson is individual and different and adapted for each student to develop their own strengths and preferences."


"I have had classes in pole, fit for pole and twerk for the past year. I have had classes on site as well as in the studio with Gem, Elisabeth, Becky and Agata. Each instructor is fun to teach and brings passion, giftedness and support to the classes. When the pandemic forced us to take lessons online, the transition was quick and well designed so that everyone could have a suitable offer even without a bar. I was glad that we still had an offer where we could keep fit. Fit for Pole saved me in the first lockdown because it kept my progress in pole fitness up to date so that I wasn't so rusty when we could finally dance in the studio again.

Through each level of Pandemies the studio has had a well thought out and well run hygiene concept and I have felt safe and protected and through each level I have had good opportunity to gain since to the pole. All online classes are customized to our needs especially fit for pole and practice and dance. I can't emphasize enough how well supported I feel by the teachers. Whether it is safety and spotting or getting to a pole and crash mat so you can make more progress at home. I find the organization of the online offer very good and the procedure also very good we movement and much. And it doesn't replace the collective training in the studio, it's a wonderful alternative that challenges our skills. Each teacher has their own style but I enjoy their individuality and different ways of telling the story so that you get new insights and perspectives on how to make different moves that helps you move forward.

A big praise I give you all for all their effort and care during this time. I give you all 5/5 stars."


"Since I've been taking classes at Studio Beauty Dance, I feel better about my body and my self-esteem. Through pole dancing I have managed to overcome many of my fears and I am very proud of what I have learned by now, something I would not have dreamed of before."


"Great dance studio with a warm atmosphere. The super nice, professional teachers (and one instructor) cater to everyone personally and make you feel beautiful, strong and sexy after the first lesson 🙂 I also feel very well looked after in the online classes and can only recommend treating yourself to one of the many classes right now for a guaranteed mood high in the home office week! If you're looking for fun dance expression, a boost to your body image, and also a great full body workout, this is the place to be!"


"I felt very comfortable from the first hour. The team is considerate, funny and empathetic. Especially now in this difficult time I look forward to our online date once a week to continue doing something for body, mind and soul at home. Thank you dear beauty dance team."


"Great atmosphere, great teachers.... I'm delighted."

Mrs S

“Nicht einfach “nur” ein Schönheitstanz sondern viel mehr Balsam für die Seele!!! Ich habe diesen wunderbaren Burlesque Tanzkurs (Kinky Cats) von einer meiner liebsten Freundinnen zum Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen und was soll ich sagen, es war in diesem Jahr mit Abstand das beste Geschenk und die schönste Erfahrung ever! Die zauberhafte Kursleiterin Lady Lou ist eine faszinierende Persönlichkeit die es versteht, die Freude an ihrer Arbeit voller Hingabe und Leidenschaft weiterzuvermitteln. Sie gestaltet den zweitägigen Kurs mit so viel Charme und verführerischem Humor, dass man die anfängliche Hemmung schnell ablegt und sich nach einiger Zeit komplett in seiner Rolle als Verführein fallen lassen kann. Neben ihrer qualitativ guten Arbeit haben mich besonders die persönlichen Frauengespräche, der Austausch, die Beweggründe und überhaupt das Thema empowerment sehr bewegt und vorallem motiviert. Ich kann diesen Kurs mit Lady Lou nur weiterempfehlen und weiß jetzt schon das ich diesen weiterhin besuchen werde. Vielleicht begegnet man sich ja 🙂 Thank you Lady Lou for making my day and releasing my inner p***y cat MEOW!”


"I love this studio. Lovely atmosphere, wonderfully pretty furnishings. You just feel welcome here."


"The staff at this gym is very friendly and the workouts are just fun."


"A very stylishly decorated studio with very good instruction and a friendly staff. I look forward to the dance lessons every week."


"First time enjoying exercise and looking forward to the class with Lulu all week! Great, motivating trainers, friendly staff, great ambiance - perfect!"


"I have been welcomed here so warmly and even now I still meet new great people who share this passion for pole dance with me, which was awakened here. It's a wonderful little studio where the great instructors create an uninhibited atmosphere so that even as a complete beginner you gradually feel more and more confident."


"Beautiful studio and extremely dedicated teachers. Am so thrilled, immediately gave my girlfriend a voucher for a class for her birthday."


"The training at Beauty Dance Studio is excellent. All the dance teachers I have had so far are very motivating, challenging and supportive. Each teacher tries very hard to explain the exercises as well as possible. Especially in online classes I find it very difficult, because you can't give any help. In addition, I have a lot of trust in my instructors, even though I can only see them on the screen at the moment. This takes away my fear of trying out more difficult figures at home :). To sum it up again: I like coming to dance classes and have a lot of fun with everyone involved."


"I can highly recommend the beauty dance studio! I have been there for 4 years now and have always been more than satisfied. The classes are very individual, everyone has their own pole, this alone makes the classes small and familiar. All the teachers I have had so far have been fantastic. There is always an awareness that everyone has their own pace. In the pandemic, the studio put together a great online program within a short period of time. And I had the opportunity to borrow a barre for home use through the studio. At the beginning I was skeptical whether I would be able to do the difficult figures at home alone, without someone standing next to me. But it was actually no problem. On the contrary, you are still closely observed and told exactly what you could do better. And so the self-confidence also builds up and strengthens even faster, because you learn to trust yourself very quickly. The lessons are just as much fun online as in the studio, even though I miss the studio atmosphere a lot. But I'm very happy that it works out so great, the pole dance evening is, especially now in the pandemic, the best evening of the week for me."