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Pole Dance – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Our courses are divided into 3 Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each of these levels is then split into three different choreographies incorporating tons of different moves.

Burlesque Beginners course with Lady Lou

This workshop is a fun introduction to the basics of Burlesque. You will learn how to have the confidence of a showgirl and see how it feels to dance using the typical Burly Bump’n’Grind moves.

Twerk with Becky

Twerking is an old West African dance that has similarities to the “Mapouka Dance”. Similar to other Afro-Caribbean dances, this dance is an expression of resistance to male guidelines for female sexuality.

Exotic Dance basics for beginners with Agata

Let’s get started and feel good course – sensual basic elements & playtime level: For complete beginners & lap dance participants who would like to practice and repeat all basic, sensual moves more intensively and would like to discover their new, seductive character.

Lap Dance Workshops

In our Lap Dance workshops you will learn the choreography for a dance routine and get valuable tips for your private performance within the privacy of your own home.

French Cabaret: Cancan with Adele Carles

You work on sexy, sensual, feminine, glamorous dance techniques. In addition to choreos and movements inspired by the greatest French cabarets such as Crazy Horse, Moulin Rouge or Lido.

Belly dance with Adele Carles

Belly Dance is a sensual and mysterious dance that contains seductive and erotic elements. It activates our sensual sensations. The circular hip movements connect us to our body and help us to recognize and enjoy our unique beauty.

Chair Dance with Janine Lehmann

Using the chair as your prop and learn sensual movements that incorporate contemporary dance and gymnastic movements. Chair is suitable for all levels as the moves can be adjusted.

Burlesque Intermediate class with Lady Lou

This weekend workshop is a fun introduction to the basics of the Burlesque Striptease. You will learn how to confidently get out of your costume and feel fabulous while doing it.

Burlesque Advanced Class with Lady Lou

Every great act should include an element of acting and role play. Learn how to construct a creative story about why your clothes are coming off. This is about combining dance, striptease AND acting.

Burlesque beginners course with Lilly Tiger

In the beginner’s course with Lilly Tiger the focus is on discovering your very own sensuality. Which should above all be about having fun.

Burlesque beginners course with Adéle

Adele’s beginner workshop is about creating sensuality and desire through body language.

Burlesque specials with Huricanne Irina

Hurricane Irina offers three different Burlesque workshops to help develop your Diva skills.

Refresher Courses and Practice and Dance

Wer alle 9 Kurse der drei Levels absolviert hat, kann gern beim Practice and Dance die gelernten Figuren mit neuen Choreographien und ein paar neuen Highlights weiter einüben und tänzerisch vollenden und dabei Kraft und Kondition stärken.

Exotic Pole courses

In addition to the “classic” pole dance wins the style of the “Exotic Pole” gradually more and more fans – as with us. The focus here is on the floor work, the seductive female movements, great legs, waves and much more.

Pole Dance Freestyle Courses – Pole Poetics by Yara Mar

Pole Poetics stands in the tradition of the Transformative Dance Art * and consists of “performing elements” of erotic dance and classical pole dance as well as yoga elements.

Advanced Specials with Janine

Janine’s workshops focus on new transitions, lots of fun & acrobatic tricks and a little choreography. A wonderful addition & enrichment to our usual program.

Pole Specials with Rain Rose

Rain Rose offers a range of Pole classes to develop your skills on and around the Pole. These workshops include: Pole-ography, Heels Crash , Low Flow & Base work, and Floorwork.


The focus of classical Pole Dance is on learning the different elements of dance and acrobatics. Polesque, on the other hand, like Burlesque, is primarily about creating an entertaining and very personal show on a specific theme or story.

All Gender Workshops

We also offer workshops which are open to all genders and people that want to live out their feminine and sensual side. There are various types available ranging from Burlesque, Poledance, Highheels Dance.

Exotic Dance mit Becky*

Let's Dance and Tease course – choreography course
Level: Engagierte AnfängerInnen & etwas erfahrene SchönheitstänzerInnen und alle, die Lust auf eine neue sinnlich-schöne Choreo haben

High Heel walk and Dance with Jenna Wilson

Für alle, die lernen möchten, in High Heels sicherer zu tanzen. Alles, was Ihr mitbringen müsst, sind Eure Heels, Unvoreingenommenheit, gute Laune und Freude am Neuen.

Fit for Pole with Elisabeth

Training for stress relief and muscle strengthening. This workout includes many exercises that optimally prepare you for your invert and help you to get into the helicopter, shoulder mount, headstand, shoulderstand and handstand more easily.

Handstand class with Janine

Find your balance with this online Handstand course and build up your core strength.

Baby & Mama Workshops

Pole dancing and burlesque together with Baby! New mothers can participate in our morning classes together with your baby between two and ten months.

Taster course

This is for those clients that are not sure what workshop is suitable for them, or what level you should be starting at. Try a Schnupper Tease class to find out!


Private Lesson

Book a private lesson with any of the teachers at Schönheitstanz and receive individual coaching catered to your specific needs.

Candlelight Yoga with Sharon

This yoga class series with Sharon focuses very much on Yin Yoga and is suitable for all levels. Only in candlelight, with soft lighting you can better switch off and find relaxation. Beginners are welcome, as well as dancers who are working hard on their pole tricks. Once a month on the first weekend is this course completely free for you, to sniff and as a goodie & thank you from Sharon and us to you!

Bedroom Burlesque classes with Lady Lou

These workshops are about exploring your own sexy alter egos, gaining self confidence and using Burlesque for your own personal enjoyment and pleasure in the Bedroom.

Stretching Class, splits / leg & full body stretching mit Viktoriia Knysh

Die professionelle Zirkusartistin Viktoriia ist Luftakrobatin und Hand Balance-Artistin: Gutes und gesundes Dehnen ist eine ihrer Spezialitäten. Sie wird euch diese Techniken beibringen. Bei uns bietet sie zwei verschiedene Workshops an: Stretching für AnfängerInnen und Stretching für FLINTA* mit Erfahrung.

Spinning Pole Dance with Janine Lehmann

ab Mittelstufen Level. Hier geht es um die drehende Stange, an welcher Ihr alte und neue Figuren und kleine Kombinationen ausprobieren könnt. Aufgrund der ständigen Drehbewegungen ist der Kurs nur für 60 Minuten angesetzt. Empfohlen für FLINTA* ab dem Mittelstufenlevel.