About our studio


Since the year 2008, the studio beauty dance teaches interested women in the art of sensual dancing. All dance genres offered are seductive forms of dance that help every woman discover and develop her own sensuality and femininity.

The location of the studio is in the middle of prestigious neighborhood in the heart of Mitte, where culture, entertainment and business life meet. The location reflects the beauty dance team's own high quality standards. The tastefully furnished studio beauty dance reminds in style of the "old times" of beauty dance.

Competently supervised

The course participants work on their posture and erotic charisma and gain more self-confidence through their own successes. Another positive side effect is improved physical fitness.

The beauty dance team attaches great importance to a competent, individual care of the participants:

The team consists of trained professionals with stage experience.

For all participants

In order to achieve first successes in a short time and to be able to care for the participants individually, there are always small course groups (max. six participants for pole dance and max. eight for burlesque and lap dance). For the respective beginner courses no previous knowledge is necessary. Therefore, women of all ages, regardless of physical fitness and stature are welcome!

Unfortunately, underage women and men are excluded from participation.

Offers for men

Due to great demand, we also offer all men and those who want to live out your feminine sensual side the opportunity to come and try different classes to gain a better body awareness and keep fit in a safe feel-good space. Some classes will be purely athletic and will also be taught by men, some with high heels, some will be for men only and some will be a motley mix. We currently offer this once a month and all genders are welcome to join.



BVG connection:

U6: Oranienburger Tor – approx. 6 mins on foot via Reinhardstrasse.

S- and U-Bahn. Friedrichstrasse – approx. 10 minutes on foot

S-Bahn station Hauptbahnhof – approx. 10 minutes on foot

Beauty dance Berlin Studio
Gartengebäude (please go through the front building)
Charitéstr. 4
10117 Berlin

Email: studio@schoenheitstanz.de

Phone: 0049 (0) 30 889 44 836

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Our team


In 2003, the qualified college teacher brought her passion for seductive dancing into contact with erotic dancing, lap dance and pole dance, which she presented on stage at numerous appearances and shows in clubs and events.

In 2008 Agata realized her dream of bringing seductive and physically challenging, aesthetic dancing closer to every woman and opened the Schonheitstanz studio. In addition to management, organization and event management, Agata also teaches pole and lap dance.

She is always happy to answer all your questions about the studio and the courses by e-mail or in person.


Becky’s warm and open-minded nature, combined with great empathy, is what qualifies her as a pole dance teacher.

Since 2010 Becky has successfully completed training in the Schönheitstanz studio from beginner to professional level and attended special workshops with guest trainers. Already in the first year she supported us with her appearance on the pole in the Bassy Club for the 2nd anniversary of the studio. In the following year in the Goyaclub with a wonderful professional show as Catwoman. In addition to pole dance, Becky* also trains and dances diligently without a pole – from salsa to ballet to street dance.

Lady Lou

The enchanting dancer Lady Lou is originally from Auckland (New Zealand). Around 2001 Lady Lou came into contact with the burlesque scene in London. In 2005 she moved to Berlin and started her own career as a burlesque performer and burlesque teacher and event organizer. This includes, for example, the burlesque event “La Fête Fatale”.

In the meantime Lady Lou has been seen in many different roles on many stages in Berlin and internationally. Sometimes very classic as a diva, vamp or sometimes with a humorous appeal as a superhero.

More about Lady Lou www.bedroomburlesque.com


Elisabeth successfully completed her training in the beauty dance studio from beginner to professional level and continued her education in many workshops with guest trainers. She has already gained teaching experience in the areas of acting classes, personal training and voice training/breath training. Elisabeth has been working for years as an actress for stage and television and discovered her passion for pole dancing in 2017.

Since 2018 she has been passionately adding to our trainer team and taking on administrative tasks for the Schönheitstanz Studio.


Gem’s classes are about gaining physical strength, being part of a vibrant, supportive community – and most importantly, having a lot of fun! She loves to get dressed up, play awesome music (with themed classes around times like Hallowe’en, Pride and Christmas!) – and make happy, empowering moments of togetherness for all her students.

Gem wants you to become a pole dancer even if you don’t think you can be one, help you make great friends, and look at who you are in a completely different way – all the amazing things that pole did for her. Because from the shy girl who always wanted to hide in the background, came a pole butterfly spreading her sparkly wings – to share pole with you!


Lulu is a passionate pole dancer with years of stage experience. Lulu has been a trainer in the Schönheitstanz studio since November 2012. Her dance style is characterized by her soft, seductive dance elements in combination with demanding acrobatics.

With her open-minded and cordial manner, the trained fitness trainer motivates her participants to perform at their best. Lulu teaches pole dance classes from beginners to professionals.

She also teaches exotic pole dance elements and dance combinations in her “Featherlight course series”.

Marta Karta

Out of a long-standing passion for the performing arts and an ever-increasing need to make the storytelling of things experiential through design, staging became for me the happy medium between aesthetics and function, emotion and communication.
Burlesque is such a creative art form, the dancing, the acting and lastly but not leastly: THE COSTUMES!
In Crafting Burlesque costume making workshop Marta Karta will show you how you can craft your own costume pieces. Every workshop we learn new techniques and create unique designs: nipple pasties, bras, showgirl panties, headpieces, masks.

Lilly Tiger

Lilly Tiger started her burlesque career in the Schönheitstanz studio. The breathtaking redhead seduces your audience with her charm and humor and abducts your audience into the fantastic world of a sympathetically crazy housewife from the 50s or the world of glamor of a diva. She has been supporting and enriching the Schönheitstanz team since 2011. She teaches the burlesque workout every Monday , as well as burlesque drop in class courses on Fridays . You can also book individual lessons.

Rain Rose

Rain Rose came to Berlin 2 years ago from Los Angeles ,where she grew up, to gain new experiences and impressions as a dancer and aerialist. Meanwhile Berlin has become her second home and she teaches Pole Dance, Burlesque, chair dance, Bellydance.
She has a lot of teaching experience, which she gained in Los Angeles and Berlin.
Her experience covers a wide range of dance styles and workouts: low flow & base work, heels crash course (clacking, stability, point & edge, etc.), active flexibility conditioning, and strip tease, to name just a few of her many talents.

Hurricane Irina

Hurricane Irina had her first encounter with burlesque in the beauty dance studio in 2010. Since then, the little hurricane from Russia has been fascinated by the glitter and glamor of the burlesque world. The initially sweet and innocent sailor was often referred to as the “Queen of Cute” in the early years. Meanwhile, Hurricane Irina mesmerizes the audience with her passionate performances as a Spanish matador or the black swan queen.
Hurricane Irina is also an enthusiastic pole dancer and trains in the beauty dance studio. Since 2015 she has been combining her burlesque performances with dancing on the pole to create rousing polesque acts.

Honey Lulu

Honey Lulu started her burlesque career in London in 2006 and has since traveled the world in her famous teacup. She is an expert in classic burlesque dance. In the Schönheitstanz studio she is the teacher and co-founder of the weekly burlesque course “Love yourself with Burlesque”.
She also teaches the feather fan workshop and the vintage make up & hair styling workshops in the beauty dance studio.

Janine Lehmann

Janine has been teaching Trapeze Yoga, Pole Dance and Arial Hoop for 11 years, and still does so with great joy and passion.
Not only has she participated in many competitions, such as the A “rnold Classic in Brazil and the IPSF” (International Pole Sports Federation), home of the World Pole & Aerial Championships (WPSC), but she also received an honorary membership in the Dance Master’s Association of South Africa.
In South Africa, Janine owned her own pole dance studio and hosted the annual “Annual Variety Showcase” which included all dance disciplines such as pole dance, Arial Hoop, Arial Silk.
And since 2016 Janine teaches now for the Schönheitstanz Studio.

Yara Mar

Yara Mar has been working as a pole dance teacher at the Schönheitstanz Studio Berlin since 2012. As a dancer and performer she has devoted herself entirely to the art of dance since a dramatic turning point in her life. Through her diverse collaborations and projects with dancers of traditional dance forms, classical elements are integrated and a mutual exchange promoted. Her own style is characterized by authenticity, strong, emotional and physical expression as well as sensual aesthetics.


Kaya Anouk Zakrzewska is a German-American dancer, actress and author based in Berlin.
Kaya grew up and was born in New York, where she began her dance training at a very early age with a foundation in contemporary dance and gymnastics. Kaya graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. She also completed a certification as a pole dance teacher.
She is a master of various performance styles, which she has already proven in many dance and pole dance shows.
We are very happy that Kaya is teaching Exotic Pole and Pole Dance with us.

Viktoria Knysh

Viktoria is a professional circus artist, aerialist and hand balance artist.

Good and healthy stretching is one of their specialties. She will teach you these techniques.

With us she offers two different workshops: stretching for beginners and stretching for women with experience.


Garon has been teaching Pole Dance for 8 years. He is a highly qualified, experienced personal fitness trainer and teaches pole dance and calisthenics training. ‏He has been teaching for the Schönheitstanz Studio since 2019 and has participated in many pole dance competitions in South Africa and won many prizes in the single and double performance categories. ‏Garon also received an honorary membership in the “Dance Master’s Association of South Africa.


Alex is from Israel and started rhythmic gymnastics as a child. She studied Contemporary Dance in Tel Aviv and has 8 years of experience as a pole dance and choreography teacher. In addition, the warm-hearted Alex did an intensive yoga instructor training in India.
She describes Pole Dance as her great love, as it gives her the opportunity to express herself freely. Her specialties are Exotic and Lyrical Pole Dance classes. Furthermore Alex is a trained beauty dance basic course trainer for all levels and speaks German, English and Hebrew.


Meike discovered her passion for pole dancing when she moved to Berlin in 2012. Since then, she was actually only through the birth of her daughter briefly get off the pole. Inspired by this beautiful event and in search of her own femininity she came to the beauty dance studio and learned that you can combine pole dance and burlesque to "Polesque": In 2016 "Elodie Mélodie" saw the spotlight of the Berlin nightclub scene for the first time.

In her other life Meike is a certified actress and musical performer. She completed her training for this in Vienna. Her heart beats particularly passionately for the theater stage when she is not shining in her most important role, the "Mama" role.

Meike is overjoyed to be part of the team of trainers at the beauty dance studio and to be able to teach pole dance basic classes and burlesque.