1. services of the providers

The providers offer courses and workshops on the topics of Burlesque, Exotic (Lap Dance) and Pole Dance as well as general consulting courses on the topic of beauty/body perception. Within the aforementioned courses and workshops, the well-known dance techniques of Burlesque, Lap Dance and Pole Dance are presented to and practiced with the customers in monthly courses, weekend courses or individual lessons.

2. registration

Registration is exclusively by email or through the registration form on our website. Registrations via Facebook or SMS are invalid and will not be considered. The registration is binding after the confirmation of the beauty dance team.

3. the state of health of the client

The customers undertake to inform the staff about their health condition, in particular also about previous illnesses, before the start of the respective booked course/workshop/individual lessons. The customer is liable for any damage resulting from an undisclosed previous illness or other undisclosed physical impairments.

Customers with physical ailments, injuries and pre-existing conditions, as well as during pregnancy, are also required to consult a doctor and provide us with a clearance certificate.

The instructions of the staff must be followed. The customers take part in the courses/workshops/individual lessons only if their health condition permits this. Verbal information and promises made by the staff shall only constitute a legal obligation if they are confirmed in writing.

4. staff / premises / teaching arrangements

The selection of teaching staff for the courses/workshops/individual lessons as well as the design of the lessons, both in the program and in the timing, is left exclusively to the providers.

5. number of participants

The courses/workshops generally only take place with a minimum of three participants. The providers are entitled to postpone the courses/workshops/individual lessons for organizational reasons. Additional dates for cancelled courses/workshops/one-to-one lessons will be communicated to the customers in good time. The customers are not entitled to a certain number of participants in the courses/workshops booked by them.

6. prices

The current course prices apply, which are published on our website or the price list in the studio and in the sent registration confirmation. All prices include VAT and other fees.

7. terms of payment

Course/workshop/individual lesson fees are due and payable in each case before the start of the respective course/workshop/individual lesson. The fees can be paid by bank transfer or cash.

8. remuneration in the event of default in acceptance

If the customers are in default of accepting the services, the providers may demand the agreed remuneration for the services not rendered as a result of the default without being obligated to render subsequent performance ( § 615 BGB ).

9. right of withdrawal

The customers are entitled to a free right of withdrawal. A cost-free withdrawal is only possible in writing / by email at least 7 days before the start of the course / workshop. The customer is responsible for proving that the withdrawal notice was received in time. After this deadline, a withdrawal is only possible against the following fees:

  • From 6 -1 day(s) before the date 25% of the total price is payable.
  • Less than 24 hours before the appointment 50% of the total price is due.

If no cancellation is made or if it is made less than 3 hours before the appointment, 100% of the total price will be due, as it is not possible for us to reschedule, cancel, postpone or notify alternative participants in such a short period of time.

10. suspension of the course dates

For health reasons

The customers can get a suspension for the booked courses/workshops/individual lessons after immediate presentation of an appropriate proof ( e.g. medical certificate ) in case of a temporary sports incapacity or a proof of pregnancy, if the beauty dance staff is informed by email or phone up to 12 hours before the course date and also confirms the receipt. Cancellations via Facebook are not valid.

Due to a change of residence

Clients may receive a suspension and refund for the booked courses/workshops/individual lessons upon immediate presentation of appropriate proof or written confirmation from the employer of a change of residence due to work. In this case, an administrative fee of 25% of the price is payable.
All clients have the right to receive replacement appointments or a voucher (for replacement participants) for the equivalent amount for other classes at the Beauty Dance Studio for the missed classes that were excused in time.

11. property damage

The providers are not liable for damage to property unless it is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of the providers.

12. copyright

For copyright reasons and out of respect for the privacy of our customers, the following actions are not permitted in the beauty dance studio unless this has been agreed with the owner of the studio:

  • the use of images of the studio in any way
  • taking photos, filming during the course
  • The public performance or teaching of course content and our choreography.

13. spectators /admission to course rooms

Classes are held in closed rooms. People who are not part of the course group cannot participate as spectators, out of consideration for the privacy of our clients.

Only our female customers have access to our premises. Relatives and escorts are not allowed on the premises of the studio.

The studio sees itself as a women-only studio. Therefore, males are generally prohibited from entering during class hours. Exceptions will not be made.

14. written form

Deviations from these contractual conditions must be made in writing. Verbal agreements to this contract do not exist.

15. effectiveness and knowledge of the general terms and conditions of the contract

With the registration by email / registration window / signature on the contract conditions, the customer confirms that she has taken note of and accepted the handed out or sent by mail, general contract conditions. The general terms and conditions are part of the contract between the customer and the provider Beauty Dance Studio.

16. data processing

In accordance with the regulations of the BDSG, the providers will only use the customers' data for internal purposes and will not make it available to third parties. All data will be treated confidentially.

17. severability clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

The invalid provisions shall be replaced by the contracting parties with such provisions that most closely reflect the intent of the parties and most closely approximate the intended economic purpose of the contract.