Burlesque & Polesque event in strong August

From Agata
January 27, 2023

We would like to thank everyone who was part of our great Burlesque & Polesque evening at "Zum starken August". First and foremost, of course, our thanks go to the phenomenal graduates who did an absolutely incredible job and presented a terrific stage show. You were just great and the shining stars of the evening!
1000 Thanks also to our fabulous special guest Barbie G. for her wonderful showmanship, our amazing behind the scenes team and our wonderful audience.
Without all of you this evening would not have been possible and we are happy from the bottom of our hearts that we can finally celebrate together with you again after such a long break. Further dates are already being planned and will be announced as soon as possible.

For those of you who aren't curious enough about our event series, here's another wonderful guest post that our awesome pole instructor Gem a.k.a. Barbie G. wrote for her Instagram account chestymcboob and which we are proud to share with you here:

"What a fucking BLAST!!! 🔥💥I am totally in awe of these words-cannot-describe INCREDIBLE people!!! 😍⭐️ it just says everything about the work we do @beauty_dance_studio that these nights are so filled with a powerful vibe that is off the chain.✨ These women absolutely radiated strength, positivity, courage, beauty, confidence, sexiness, femininity and glamour 💖 and for everyone on that stage except me? It was their debut! 🤯UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE 🙀I mean literally, nobody could believe that this was their first time on stage. And our secret? 🤫 Ok let me tell you... it's because when you come and learn burlesque, chairdance, poledance etc at our studio, we don't just teach you a few moves. Oh HELL no! We teach you to how to fall in love with yourself- and this is not just a skill you use when you dance it's something that takes over your entire being. Come and dance with us and I guarantee you'll walk out of our studio with your head held high! The work and energy that Agata and Lady Lou put into organising these shows is insane, and every single person on that stage bursts like a firework with all of that positive energy when they perform 🤩 I'm so beyond grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community 😇 Huge thanks to Becky⭐️ and Elisabeth for their enthusiasm and organisation, and to @zumstarkenaugust for being wonderful hosts. (This bar is a VIBE!! 🥂)"

Thank you, Gem, for these beautiful words, your awesome performance and everything you do for our studio. You're a huge part of the beauty dance experience and it wouldn't be the same without your sparkling personality! 💖

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