Pole and Soul

von Agata
4. Dezember 2022

I would like to share how meaningful the pole is in my life and how it can improve yours.

The pole is a connecting tube to our feelings,

It channels our emotions in a healthy way out.

Allows us to express

Strength and Vulnerability, Empowerment and Glory.

The way you dance it the way it is.

Pole is a Sexy element,

That’s everyone will tell.

Is it bad?

To be Sexy doesn’t always mean to be provocative.

Sexualism can come in so many ways.

Pole helps you to find yours.

What we always fear to show.

Just because society wants us to feel a shame for that natural biological feeling.

Pole helps me to feel complete about my body.

Pole is a friend to lean on.

Always there,

Ready to support,

Whenever you’re sad, angry or happy.

It can be used as a boxing sack or as a lovely partner to hug.

Pole is so much more.

It is a tree to climb on

A swing to hang on

A carousel to spin with

And a slider to slide from

An amusement park in one humble metal instrument which made to play with,

like a child.

Pole is my meditation way,

When I dance with it nothing else matters,

worries are erased from my mind,

And I am recharged with new Energy.

I am much calmer and more focused afterwards.


Pole is my therapist.

Could be for you too.

Text by our lovely teacher Alex Skay

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