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The studio organises its main event “A Night of Burlesque & Polesque” at regular intervals. Come and watch our students and teachers perform live on stage!

The night includes Burlesque performances alongside new and exciting Polesque shows! The infusion of the acrobatic sexy pole dance with the elegance, glamour and humour of Burlesque creates an exciting opportunity to let imagination and creativity run wild! With both Polesque and Burlesque, the performers aim is to create an entertaining show with a theme or story for their audience.

What is Polesque?

In classic Pole Dance, the emphasis in on learning moves, flow and holds that are specific to the pole. When you combine it with Burlesque, you use these learned moves to create an entertaining performance that tells a story.

Pole Dance provides the performer with a tool for expression and Burlesque brings the stage production elements- the costume, the acting, the set, the theme, and the story! Combining the two forms of dance gives the performer the chance to create a wonderfully unique and special show.

Every woman who gains pole dance experience at Schönheitstanz has the opportunity to work on her very own performance to be a part of this spectacular show!

A Night of live Burlesque and Polesque Trailer

Nächste Termine:

am Freitag, 25. Mai, 2018 VORVERKAUF möglich in Kürze! 

am Freitag, 28. September, 2018

am Freitag, 14. Dezember, 2018.


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